Our philosophy is simple. Yoga + sunshine = health & happiness.

It’s infectious. The positivity you feel on the mat will spill over into your daily life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to yoga. Whatever your age, flexibility or mobility, Yoga sunshine can help you feel better, inside and out.


Weekly uplifting Yoga classes from Sunshine Studio to your home:

Wednesdays ‘rise and shine’ : 7.15-8am: there’s nothing like practising early in the morning to set you up for the day. This class combines breath, alignment and energy work in creative sequences to free cluttered minds and bodies and bring them into the here and now.

Attuning to the lunar cycles we run a class every New and Full Moon: Slow mindful flow to welcome new intentions or ways of being in the world. A celebration of the cycles of life.  Depending on when these sacred days fall; classes will run 7-8pm weekdays or 8-9am weekends.

Suggested donation £5.

email [email protected] to be added to our weekly ‘zoom’ email. No need to pre-book online classes – just click on the links to join when you can!

Membership library of classes now available! Practise classes whenever it suits you.

Owing to government restrictions all studio classes are paused

We have limited numbers in each class so pre- booking is essential. Please bring your own mat and any equipment you need to feel comfortable.

Monday: 7.30-9pm @ Angel Hall, Bowden House, Totnes

Wednesday: 9.30-10.45am @ The Forge Yoga Centre, Totnes

Thursday: 9.15-10.15 am Power Hr @ Sunshine Studios, Totnes

Friday: 9.30-10.45 am @ Sunshine Studios, Totnes

Cancellation list: If you’d like to attend ad-hoc classes why not be added to our cancellation list: [email protected]

Level: Warm welcome to all levels.

Class description: Flowing hatha-fusion yoga classes that will leave you toned, revitalised with a spring in your step.

Gina’s style draws on multiple yogic disciplines and Chinese Five Element theory. Classes combine breath, alignment and energy work in creative sequences to free cluttered minds and bodies and bring them into the here and now.

Whether the class theme is ‘Bliss’ or ‘Declutter’ expect to smile, laugh and playfully explore until your re-discover your edges. Re-connect to find the best version of yourself in these challenging and ever changing times.

Winter Vitality Workshop @ Forge Yoga Centre, Totnes

  • Sunday, November 29, 2020 – 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM (postponed until Feb 2021)


Let’s avoid feeling of overwhelmed this year and use this precious time to re-charge our Jing. Time and space to explore with no demands. Power up our kidneys with lots of fun techniques from yoga and inspirational Eastern traditions.

We are mostly water so we’ll play with the water element. We can use dynamic flowing yoga to free us from the build-up of daily tension. We’ll then work on rejuvenating vitality as our inward practises begin to take root. We’ll smile and soften with gravity into deeper, longer holds and more restorative poses to increase our reserves of energy and bring a shine to our eyes.


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